Friday, September 6, 2013

First of Last

Today's hot summer outfit was inspired by a very old Anthropologie catalog:

 I realized though when I belted this dress I constantly had issues. First of all the dress I have on is more a-lined so has a lot of material on the bottom and waist when belted. Second it is not as long as the inspiration photo so when you belt it became shorter. By the afternoon I ditched the belt and it was more comfy and cooler I think...

Dress - BCBG
Belt - Thrifted
Sandals - Luxury Rebel
Earrings - Thread Show
Bracelet - gift from my aunt from Turkey

First day of pre-school for my daughter. Of course this is the co-op style school we go where I have to work as well. But it was nice seeing our friends again and we have plans to conduct a more orderly class so should be nice. When we first got to the outside doors and my daughter ran up to press the handicap button to open the doors I remembered when we first stated these classes I had to lift her to reach that button. Very nostalgic.
After school we came home and I have to admit I focused on creating spreadsheet game cards for this mega game birthday party we are hosting for me tomorrow night.
We have approx 54 people coming! So created this system where we will have 4 stations/4 games and people will receive game cards that will tell them which game to play when. Mixing and mingling people. Should be interesting. I had to create 56 game cards with different game rotations and am now working on writing up game rules etc...
My hubby went costco shopping for snacks and booze and tomorrow we'll manage to gather 50+ chairs and set them up in various parts of the house. I hope we manage to take some cool photos to show you guys...I have no idea what I am wearing yet either...

In the afternoon by the way after picking up my son we went to the mall so he can buy his prize for finishing another 100 lessons in his math workbook and my daughter picked a prize for finishing all her lettters in her workbook. Her choice of store of course was the disney store.
We then stopped at Steve Madden store which is apparently closing for a remodel therefore slashed their prices on current season items to $15 a pair when you buy two pairs! Literally booties that are currently for $129 in the website was selling for $15. I must have texted so many friends to let them know.


  1. Love the dress!
    So jealous of the Steve Madden sale, we never get sales like that in Canada and even when the website has mega sales, the 60.00 shipping fees to Canada kills the deals.

  2. You have the cutest smile. Have fun at your party!

  3. You look great! Love the dress!

    Be sure to come by my blog and link up this weekend for the fun blog hop I'm hosting. Also I have a surprise fall giveaway that you might be interested in entering. ;)


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