Monday, September 2, 2013

It's a MOD

 I can't believe how many days have passed without a post. It is because we have a major heat wave which of course in San Diego we are not used to and all I could bare to wear is simple shorts and tank tops that were not really blog worthy. Attempted to dress up today for brunch at my parent's but didn't take the photos until after we ate so the dress is already wrinkled and stained!

The inspiration came from March 2013 issue of People Style Watch:

Dress, Earrings - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Heels - Shoedazzle

Woke up and got ready early to go to my parent's house for a nice family brunch... Yummy food and good company it was a peaceful morning.
When we got home it was already smoldering so had the kids swim in the pool and get out just for lunch and go right back in when daddy came home from his guys' trip.
Afterwards we went to our friends' house for labor day BBQ and then walked down to the beach for bonfire and smores! It was the first time kids were on the beach in the dark and they were in heaven. We had plenty of glow sticks and for some reason only a small packet of connectors and these crazy kids kept asking for 'more connectors' all night long!
Had to take probably 3rd shower of the day when we got home before bedtime....

The coordinating outfits were not planned and totally coincidence!


  1. What a chic outfit. I loved the Mod style back in the old days.

    You normally post so often that, for you, being away is different from other bloggers who post only sporadically. We hardly noticed you were gone!

  2. loving this look on you and your hair Xo, Megan,


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