Saturday, October 12, 2013

The grey concept

 Today's combo was from a very old inspiration...
People Style Watch's September (wait for it) 2011 issue!
I didn't acquire the neon scarf until recently so may be that is why it took me this long to put it together...
 I have a very similar grey and black striped t-neck actually but I was too worried about the weather warming up so I decided do a t-shirt and cardigan layers instead....

 'Almost not crazy'... almost...

T-shirt - stylemint
Cardigan and Scarf - Forever 21
Jeggings - Guess
Boots - from Kika's runway show
Accessories - Cookie Lee

A day cramped with appointments today... After pre-school my friend and her mom and her kids came over. After lunch they shopped my clearance racks and we had so much fun putting together outfits. I ran to get my son but then was running late. My mom came to the rescue. Not only did she bring a customer to shop my racks but also took my daughter to her ballet rehearsal so I can stay home.
My son was excited about building a new lego set.
We joined for a free trial month for this Netflix of legos club called 'Pleygo'. 
Just like Netflix you pick a Que. of lego sets your kid likes. They send you the set with the instructions. Once your kid builds it and plays with it you break it down and send it back and they send you the next set in your queue.
I think it is brilliant. A huge part of the lego play is the act of building. Kids hardly play with the sets once they are built. So instead of constantly buying new sets this I feel will satisfy his thirst for building.
We'll see. He built the set he got within an hour and was very happy with it.

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  1. Grey matter is pretty cool and love that jacket . yellow added such interest to the color!
    My little genius boy looks so happy with the set he built. He has grown so much before my eyes.


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