Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pearly Whites

This pale blush outfit was what I wore to the Fashion Event at the mall Saturday night...

 This pretty top was from H&M's conscious collection couple years ago. Remember? It is a bit too cropped though so I could only wear it with high waist bottoms. This actually might be the first time I am wearing the top. 

 I absolutely adore these shoes. They look so edgy and totally look like heels on my legs but yet they are flats! And with a zipper back you never have to deal with those buckles....

Top, Shorts - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Purse - Michael Kors
Earrings - Forever 21
Bracelet - Bauble Bar

We started the day with my daughter's soccer game then went to my friend's house for a fun pool party as it is back to low to mid 80s here in San Diego!

We went to this party in two cars so that I could leave early to meet my mom and sister at the mall for the fashion event....
We got in line and entered the event thinking the show would start shortly but to our disappointment it didn't start until an hour and a half later! We were so annoyed but had already committed so we stayed. The Fashion show as great and the stories of the ladies battling breast cancer were heart felt but we were all a bit cranky from standing for so long with no food and water. 
So afterwards we didn't stay for the live band but went to eat instead. Plus we could still hear and see them from the side. 
Then we lost track of time and all the stores were closed so we didn't get to browse at all. But to make more of the evening we bought tickets to see Gravity afterwards. Except I wasn't dressed for the chilly movie theaeters so my mom dashed into a closed Forever 21 and in record speed made me grab a pair of leggings and a sweater so I wouldn't get sick!

With my mom and lil sis:

Some of the cool combo's from the Fashion Show:


  1. Was a gorgeous evening and funny the way we shopped in a closed store! I loved your top and shoes were darling. We all kind of match with blush pink and black except Buket with her hot pink pants and which obviously the color we should all be wearing!

  2. Looks like a fun evening and you look stylish. Love the shoes and the light colored outfit. By the way, you look great in shorts!

    blue hue wonderland


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