Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hard Candy

 Tuesday's bright tone outfit was inspired by a segment in November 2013 issue of People Style Watch:

 I loved this yellow and green combo and tried to create with my pieces. I so want to obtain two matching brooches to add to jacket lapels like hers...
 I have to confess I couldn't risk these gorgeous kitten heels on the playground so swapped for my taupe OTK boots instead for the park portion….

Loving this Bauble bar set...

Jacket, Cardigan, Jeans, bracelet - Forever 21
Tee - Target
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Rings - Bauble Bar
Heels - Boden

Went to the outdoor class. Except not sure how I got my schedule mixed up but I showed up at the park we are going next week! When I noticed no one from our class including our teacher who is always on time was not around I started calling and quickly realized I was at the wrong park. Thank goodness the correct park was pretty close by and back towards my mom's and my house so no big deal we made it.
After the park went to my mom's to hang out and left my daughter there to go to my Dr's appointment.
She and my stepdad picked up my son and I met them at home. They took my daughter with them cause I have another medical appt tomorrow morning. My son and I got cozy, had dinner and watched the olympics all cuddled up. It was great.

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