Sunday, February 16, 2014

Instant classic

 Saturday's outfit was inspired by the Dec 2013 'looks we love' segment of J Crew Website:

 I loved this combination of rust and white with tan colors and adding animal print heels for pop of pattern...

Got a color touch up and went a little with darker highlights for contrast...

Trench - Guess
Tee, Capri - Forever 21
Heels - Boden
Necklace - J Crew

We had a nice day planned. after a lazy morning of watching some olympics cuddled with the kids who had already returned from their breakfast outing with Daddy we got ready. I took my son with me for my hair cut appointment and he got his cut while my color was setting. My hubby took my daughter to her acting class then we met close to me for lunch and swapped kids. I took my daughter to her 'Ballet Buddy' event at the ballet school while my hubby went home with my son.
They assign an older ballet student to younger ones for mentoring and fun. The event was valentine's day cookie decorating and they show cased mini scenes from upcoming ballet performances.
Of course parking was horrendous where we went and we were 15 minutes late but still got there before the event started…

After we got home and my husband had heated up the jacuzzi fort the kids. My son started DIVING!
Didn't know he could do that from the high wall but I guess 3 days of swimming gives him confidence. He kept doing beautiful dives from the high wall into the ice cold pool.

Then my mom surprised us and said she could take the kids so we immediately got them showered and dressed and dropped them off. I spent an hour with my cousin at my Dad's house emptying out closets which is a dusty and emotional ordeal but had a lighter tone cause we were together and could joke about the pieces he held onto and the sizes he fluctuated from…

Then I came home to pick up my husband and we had a very nice dinner and a movie date night!
You can't ask for more from a Saturday!

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  1. Great colors, great accents, great jewelry. You've got it going, girl!


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