Tuesday, February 11, 2014

You would think I'm crazy

Today's outfit was inspired by Victoria's Secret VS Edit for Fall 2013:
I loved this neon sweater topped with leather vest look…

Vest, Sweater - Forever 21
Pants - Kika Paprika
Boots - Studded boots

I feel weird. Like my dad is still with us. I feel he is just away. He will call or we'll see him very soon. Of course I know it is not true but that is how I feel. Very odd.
Kids of course still ask questions non stop. About death, about cancer what causes it  why can't it be cured, who gets it, how do they get it?, what happens to soul when you die? what happens to the body? What does God do with Angels? If a kid dies do other Angels show them how to fly cause they are too small? It is endless. It sounds cute but when you are grieving it is all a bit overwhelming. I try to answer to best of my ability but it exhausts me….

We went to our outdoor class today for another valentine exchange frenzy. My daughter can't wait to come home and go through each one.

My friend who is in a singing chorus delivered a singing valentine for our class:

I started the new book for our book club that is meeting in one week so I have to hurry up but the book is really engaging so it is easy.

My aunt and cousin came over for a traditional Turkish tea. It was great hanging out with them but of course with my daughter a big chunk of the talk revolves around her… She also set-up her porcelain tea set and served us tea too. :)

Then I had my cousin try on some of my kika samples and went and picked up my son from his after school playdate and came home for a frenzy of homework, dinner and bed time routine…
My cousin was so exhausted at the end and was probably glad she decided not to have kids. :)

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  1. Cute tea party and wish I was there but decided to leave you alone with your guests. I feel he is here too it will pass, I know now my father is not here:(( but watching over us!
    Kids are life and not having them means you will shorten the pleasure of your life. Love every minute I spend with you two and your kids. You all carry a piece of me and it is fun to watch me:)))


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