Sunday, February 9, 2014

These are the moments that I'm gonna remember most

Yesterday's inspiration was an old one I think from 2011:

I have been wanting to wear this combo it is just a bit too warm for our city so the opportunity did not present itself until now. Even yesterday I had the jacket off most of the time….

Jacket - Thrifted but Forever 21
Top, Pants - Forever 21
Booties - Victoria's Secret
Necklace - Cookie Lee

This was a crazy weekend with my daughter's birthday party one day and my father's celebration of life service the next day. I guess that is what life is all about. Good memories and bitter sweet moments. Birth and death all together.

Here is my princess ready for her party….

My daughter's party was a trampoline place that we had never been before and the kids loved it. We co-hosted with my friend our third year in a row…

Our Party Favors:

The brothers:

And after the party we came home so she can open her presents and relax for a very short while then the family who is in town from all over the country for my Dad's service came over for a low key dinner at our house and to hang out together. My kids have been so waiting to spend time with their uncle so they were so happy when he came early to play with them. My cousin is in town and my aunt again and my sister in law and nephew and her parents were all there.
I had an all costco meal that consisted of steak and salmon and Turkish side dishes like stuffed grape leaves and quina salad and asparagus and two types of salads.
It was a great evening that ended with going over the slide show my brother had finalized…

my wonderful cousin and aunt. they are both amazing cooks so instead of steaming the asparagus had her show me the pan version with garlic which comes out so good.

My sister in law and I with our mothers….

Just Dad is missing from this gathering! But he was always with us in spirit….


  1. You were amazing through all these rough times darling, I am very proud f you. Great birthday party and great celebration of life.
    Love your outfit and adorable shoes. Great to see you posting happy pictures. Tears and laughter go together.Yes, these are the only moments I would like to remember as you have pictured them on this page. Well done!!!

  2. I really like this color combination. I like the relaxed hair also. Juliet is so adorable and I love her precious little face. Keep smiling my friend.


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