Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Build me a sand castle

 Have been busy even at nights so trying to catch up now… This was my outfit Saturday afternoon and night….

These earrings broke off before the night was over...

Jacket, Earrings - Forever 21
Tank - Kika Paprika
Shorts - Zara
Sandals - C Wonder

Went to the famous bazaar in the morning after breakfast. My son went to the beach with my cousin and his fiancé and took my daughter with us. My step dad hung out with her but we spent very short amount of time so we are hoping to go back again next saturday without the kids.

 I am here at fig season!!!!

Then we went to the beach again with family then my uncle arrived and we had a great nice big dinner with family at night.

 Mom and my daughter making princess sand castle...

My stepdad...

 Making this weird shaped sand structure with my son….

 With my Uncle!

With my cousin….

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