Sunday, August 10, 2014


Monday's casual outfit taking the kids sight seeing at this summer town's historic and very popular trendy area called: "Alacati"….

The inspiration was this but didn't note where this was from….

Very simple outfit but you don't need much with these gorgeous back drops…..

Tank - Kenar
Denim Shorts - TJ Maxx
Sneakers - Sam Edelman
Purse - Shoedazzle
Necklace - gift from a friend….
Sunglasses - Wild Fox

Here are photos from the beautiful town of 'ALACATI' These historic buildings and houses from the late 1800s have been refurbished one by one and have turned into the most authentic shops and restaurants and bars. Every square inch of this town is photo and pintrest worthy. You can spend hours and take millions of photos and still wouldn't capture it all...

This is the inside of one of the buildings that haven't been re-furbihsed yet. Complete with 100s of years old urns probably worth thousands of dollars just sitting there!
The structures are build with solid stone so nothing has happened to them…..

My favorite shot below:

 These narrow cobblestone alleyways get filled with crowds of people once the sun sets. Even weeknights this town is filled with locals and tourists and music all through out the summer months…

We went during daylights so we can take photos and walk more comfortably with the kids before the crowds come...


Love to hear your thoughts...