Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At the Marina

 Went to another beautiful area of the summer town Cesme we are staying in. This is their re-furbished Marina area… 
Knowing how photo friendly the area is I saved my photo shoot for there but the kids were having fun jumping into my photos so there you go….

Wore the dress I got from the bazaar and the shoes as well… Totally tailored and line with pockets.

Dress and sandals - From Turkey
Tote - Juicy
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Went to the bazaar again but only to do an exchange and I did manage to find a super cool black dress with fringed skirt….
The kids got what we call 'Mesir Macunu' which is a liquid kind of sugar (wax consistency) in different flavors wrapped on a stick….

And here are some more photos from that night in the beautiful Marina:
It was way too crowded and dark at night to take more photos. Have to go there around sunset to get better photos...


  1. such a beautiful dress!! loving those sandals, too! love how decorated the marina is...very cool.

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  2. You look so happy! It's great to see that big smile on your face. The dress is super-colorful and your children are adorable.


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