Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bazaar Finds

 This is what I wore on Saturday after buying this super cool graphic tunic t-shirt at the Bazaar….

T-shirt, Leggings - from Turkey
Sandals - J Crew

I wore a very similar combo this day so didn't take outfit photos but after beach that day we hosted the family and friends at our house for fish dinner….

We spent saturday morning leaving the kids to my stepdad and family and my mom and I hit the famous Bazaar.
We tried to get my cousin and my cousin's fiancé to come with us but they wouldn't then they all regretted not coming because we found some amazing stuff. Unfortunately I didn't take too many photos of the items we actually got but more general Bazaar photos:

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  1. What a cool t-shirt.

    I love how fully your present your life on your blog. Reading it gives me a vivid picture of your family, activities and travel.


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