Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Garden Wedding

 Attended a wedding last Thursday night… Wore the matron of honor dress I had worn at my sister's wedding last year to this one… My hair is blonder now so it was a bit more striking and before the sunset added my mom's miu miu like nude sunglasses for a full effect!….

 Dress - BCBG
Necklace - Thread Show
Nude Sandals - Nine West

The wedding took place at this location in Izmir (the City) but we drove direct from the summer town for the wedding and back…. Left the kids with my Aunt's housekeeper for the night….
It was my cousin's fiance's brother's wedding….

With my mom and Aunt (her younger sister)….

With My step dad, mom and aunt….

My Aunt and Uncle

The ceremony podium….

In Turkey the bride and the groom walk down the isle together!

This bride's family is from another city where it is a tradition to line up after the ceremony to pin gold coins, jewelry and money on the bride and the groom! 

 With my beautiful Mom...

 My cousin and her Gorgeous fiancé… I absolutely loved her fish tail dress in blush pink….

Ladies dancing….

Party Favors:
Golden apple that housed a mini lavender pouch….

Earlier that morning we were at the beach with some friends. No wind that day and gorgeous flat sea:

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  1. you look hot, mama! the red + turquoise is a pretty combination.


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