Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Down the rabbit hole

Monday's outfit was inspired by this photo:

I forgot to add the mustard purse which I owned… Oh well…
I took the idea of wearing a patterned shorts and tops that had the same color hues in them… Topped with a denim vest….
 Tried the remote feature of my camera but you literally have to point to get the shot which kind of limits my poses. Does anyone have recommendation of better remotes with better signal capacity?
Also, it seems like it didn't focus when I was doing the remote which was the whole purpose of using the remote. Not sure….

Vest, shorts - Forever 21
Top - Blog win a while back
Platforms - Luxury Rebel
Bracelets - Cookie Lee

The week has started and I poured myself once again over the organizing efforts.
I worked on rest of my closet which once again thought it would faster but of course it didn't. You wouldn't believe how many bags I am generating to donate and to give away to friends.  The downstairs entry is filling up with rows and rows of bags.
After my closet I thought I would quickly attack this tiny closet under our stairs. Boy was I wrong about the time it took. It was first of all very dirty. So there was a lot of cleaning and wiping involved once I got everything out.
I feel sore and exhausted after these cleanses and also sneeze like crazy due all the dust I inhale but feel amazing to have each area clean and organized.
The problem is you don't really see the progress if you didn't quite see what it looked like. I am going to try to remember to take photos of at least one closet so I can show….
In the afternoon we did homework with the kids then started my son back to his swim team practices…

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