Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seeing Stripes

 My outfit Friday…
During the day I wore this with superga sneakers and no pearls. At night added the nude sandals and the pearls. Was ready in a snap! :)

Here is my inspiration (didn't note where I saved the photo from):

Jacket, top - Forever 21
Jeans - Madewell
Sandals - Nine West
Pearls - Cookie Lee
Watch - Michael Kors

Worked hard to clean and organize the desk in our office and our bills, then ran four errands and met my friend for lunch. Tried to sell some of my stuff at a 2nd hand store but they only buy stuff that is currently in style which of course I am not selling.  It was a waste of my time so I decided with the rest of jewelry I had set aside to take it all to my book club meeting and give it to any of my friends who wanted them. Much better satisfaction.
Before the book club our coach added an extra practice for my son who was only ecstatic so barely made it in time out of there to the book club. Good thing is I was able to leave him at the practice which lasted 2.5 hours so one of the other mom's dropped him off.

I didn't do any photos this weekend unfortunately. We had a SATURDAY full of soccer. My daughter's team was cute but pretty passive. My son's team on the other hand were rock stars. It is also a whole other game at his age level. They use the whole field and the kids are sooo into it. My son was literally shaking out of excitement as he was drinking his water between breaks. They were cheering and dancing with each goal but when our team started cremating them the coach banned them from discussing the score to prevent them from making the other team feel bad. We have an amazing coach who is so passionate. It is going to be a fun season.

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