Friday, November 28, 2014

Barely Blush

My black Friday outfit. Although it is soooo HOT here that I couldn't even keep on the sweatshirt until after 5 PM today! The temp is in 80s! Just absurd even for here. 

I absolutely love these jeans… They were on clearance in J Crew only this size and fit like a glove. They are mid rise so don't keep riding down and the rips are actually backed up by darker fabric so it is ripped look without actual rips. LOVE…..

Sweatshirt - Loft
Jeans - J Crew
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Wedges - Victoria's Secret

Well, we are visiting my in laws so no shopping for me. I talked on the phone with my mom and sister who went last night and today to the outlet malls. I would have loved to go just to be in the environment but the whole family I am with absolutely hate shopping so it was not going to happen.
But we had a very nice day going to their local shopping center where the Santa sky dived from an airplane and then went to another area for a small outdoor ice skating…
Then back to the house for dinner….

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  1. Can we have some of that heat? It's 21-degrees here.

    I love your wedge-booties. So cute.


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