Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Coat Check

Tuesday's another street style outfit was inspired by what I noted as 'Playground Diva'. I assume this is the right link but I am not sure….

Get to wear my new camel coat/blazer. I wanted this color coat and searched from so many different models but at the end decided if I get a full coat I am rarely going to wear it here in San Diego. So I went for this blazer level one but still gives somewhat that cocoon style coat illusion. Had to steam iron it to get out the fold marks when it came out of the box but looks nice now...

Coat, Jeans, Hat - Forever 21
Blouse - H&M
Booties - Steve Madden

Went to the ice rink for our scheduled private ice skating lessons for the kids. Then it was free skating fun for them with their friends. My son is still just kind of tolerating the sport but the more he gets confident on ice the more fun he has. My daughter just loves it and learned to do twizzles and was
practicing those and one foot glides all day long with the help of her friend who is more advanced.

We then had a family dinner at my parents house...


  1. You look adorable in this hat, love your outfit-simple and chic!

  2. love the beige jacket! very effortlessly chic!! :D

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