Thursday, November 13, 2014

On the Ice

Blouse, Pants, cardigan - Forever 21
Purse - shoedazzle
Boots - Mia
Jewelry - Cookie Lee
Scarf - Costco
Schools were off for Veteran's day so we made plans to go to the park then to the mall for ice skating. But none of their friends could come to the park in the morning and apparently they are too old now to play when there are no friends so we went direct to the mall and shopped for a bit then had lunch and hit the ice rink.
My daughter is going to start lessons and we met our friends there and she was so eager to go on the ice with her friend and no fear.
My son on the other hand begged me to rent skates and get on the ice with him and he was hard to pull off the wall. He says now he would like to learn so he is not embarrassed next time…

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