Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

 Here is a casual Monday outfit to face the start of a crazy week…

Inspired by a lookbook in Shopbop site:

I think just adding the chunky loafers makes this a bit interesting. And i love these mid waist jeans from J Crew…. Oh my goodness so comfortable and stretchy and yet look great!

Hoodie - vintage (can't remember it is soooo old)
Top - Target
Jeans - J Crew
Loafers - Coach

Started the day with some aggressive plans but all went upside down when my car battery died after dropping off the kids at school… I managed to drive home before it gave out and called AAA and had to wait for that. And of course by the time it was fixed I barely made it to class to volunteer.
Then it was grocery shopping for the week, stopping home to unload, then to Dr's for a shot then back home to help my friend to do her daughter's hair and make-up for the Nutcracker dress rehearsal and then to pick up my son from a playdate take him swimming then pick up my daughter from a playdate and come home and cook shrimp linguini feed and bath the kids, pick up the house, 3 loads of laundry…
So, yes, that was my day….

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