Monday, December 8, 2014

It is Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday's chic and casual outfit was inspired by a look at "Who What Wear" site….

Blazer - Newport News
Top, Sneakers - J Crew
Pants - Rock Republic
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Sunglasses - Wild Fox

We had a busy busy weekend…
Saturday morning started early with our family Xmas Photo shoot. I totally forgot to do my outfit though!
The shoot went great and fast. But then selecting photos takes FOREVER…
Afterwards we went to the tree lot to buy kids' real tree.
And when we came home we also opened our new (fake) 10 feet tree. It is just a tad big!

After the tree decoration and set-up, took my little girl ice skating and this time rented skates myself to have fun with her…

This was another crazy day started the morning super early driving south to my son's swim meet where warm up started at 7:30 AM!. He had two meets 200 and 100 yard free style for boys 8 and under.
He was competing against boys a year older than him (he is 7) so didn't place but beat 3 and 4 swimmers in each event out of 8 swimmers. That 200 yard race went on forever as it is 8 lengths of the pool. I was so proud of him. :)

Then we came home to rest just a bit… My in laws arrived… They went with my hubby and son to the Charger Patriots game while I went to watch our local Holiday Parade with my daughter and friends….

And here is my son and Hubby at the charger game!

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