Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Unbelievable Sights

Sunday's outfit was inspired by this look from People Stye Watch's Oct 2014 Issue:
 I was going to wear a grey cowl neck sweater but for one it felt too hot with the red peacoat and I really wanted to wear this leather collar my friend made for my 40th birthday… So wore a tank instead!

Coat, Pants - Forever 21
Tank - Alloy
Collar - handmade
Belt - Ann Taylor
Boots - Steve Madden

We drove back from LA and picked up the kids. My son had a friend over to watch the Charger game while I tried get my daughter to rest to recover from all the fun she had at Grandma's house.
By afternoon we ate a very early dinner and got ready to meet our friends to tour the holiday lights this time at a different neighborhood than we have been before. Living in a big city we have many many options to choose from and wanting different experiences I convinced everyone to drive a bit north and East. It was worth it. Although half our group couldn't show for health reasons. My husband ended up being the only adult male but he hung in there…
The neighborhood had some sort of Life size Holiday Card art display theme going on among all the lights. Each home painted a card on a huge plywood panel and displayed it in their yard with lights. Majority was Disney Themed. It was like an art gallery. Very cool….

This red cape was mine when I was a little girl, hand made by my grandmother! :)


  1. how great that the neighborhood collaborated. we have a few neighborhoods here that put on great displays. we have yet to go and see them. love the cute little collar. nice addition to the red coat.

  2. This outfit is dashing, of course, but what catches my eye are your facial expressions. You are an adult and that maturity is apparent but with it we can sense the child you once were. There is an innocence in your face that's childlike and very appealing.


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