Sunday, December 28, 2014

When you wish upon a star

Christmas Day's outfit was inspired by the 'Late Afternoon' blog:
 The red pants gave the festive vibe and the gold sequin trim of my chiffon shirt gave just the enough bling...

Hat, Sweater - Forever 21
Blouse - Asos
Pants - Kohl's
Heels - Steve Madden

5:45 am was when we were woken up by our little ones….

Kids get one gift each from Santa and it comes under their own tree…
My daughter got the 'Barbie Glam Camper' and my son got a set of  Charger player mini figures and field by Oya….

After breakfast they move on to the presents under our big tree which are presents from us….

He got a huge wall decal of 'Phillip Rivers' for his room…. 

And a new field goal post from Daddy…. 

Hex bug fishies that swim in the water….

After all the presents were opened and I cooked my dishes we got dressed and left for my parents house...

These were all the presents waiting for them under Grandparent's tree...

 Can you guess the theme of his presents? All sports and Chargers related. I should have taken photo of all his gifts grouped together as it was at least 10 Chargers items...

Only my mom would get me these crazy leggings. They will perfect for Comic Con!

 My new shoes from my secret santa in the family which was my brother in law's Dad….
Shoes were picked by my sister of course!

We were so impressed with this gorgeous white leather Jacket my step dad picked for my mom!

 I loved this sign for my lil sis but then again it really applies to all 3 of us….

 They got me this cutest owl beanie from BCBG….

 Our Turkish friends joined us later in the afternoon and they brought this hoodie for my son which matched their son's hoodie...

It was a wonderful Christmas…. 

Bitter Sweet without my Dad but he is in my thoughts and in my heart literally every day. Seriously not a day goes by without thinking of him… 
 This was last year's Christmas Morning...

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  1. How lovely. The gifts look fabulous and your outfit is cute. Glad to see your family enjoying themselves so much.


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