Saturday, December 27, 2014

Every time a bell rings

 My Christmas Eve Dress….

Here is how I turned my short hair into an updo….

Dress - Top Shop
Heels - Newport News
Headband - vintage
Earrings - H&M

Well, I worked all day non stop to prepare a table of appetizers that were fresh out of pinterest posts…

My daughter and her friend did a cheer and gymnastics show for us...

And Ready for Santa….
Notice how we leave fruit and a festive drink instead of cookies and milk…
We like to offer something different for Santa...


  1. Amazing. Your dress is so pretty. And I never imagined your hair could look like this. Great holiday appearance.

  2. Great look and that how gorgeous is that black dress. Looks like you've had a good xmas too. Best Wishes for 2015.


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