Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hop Little Bunnies

Friday's outfit came out quite nicely actually, inspired by this pinterest collage:

I decided to go with a sleeveless blouse and added a vest and more accessories...

Hat, Shirt, Vest - Forever 21
Moto Legging Pants - ABS
Slip ons - Steve Madden
Necklace - Cookie Lee
Earrings - Thread Show
Sunglasses - Ray Ban

Tried Reformer Pilates class for the first time.
We are putting together a 'Get Fit' basket for the school gala for 2nd grade and as the room mom I took on asking 10 different establishments in our local neighborhood for donations of services or merchandise. They are all either fitness studios or Juice places. As a result I got to know so many cool studios and this pilates studio was one of them. I bought a groupon package and started today.
It was very cool. Great toning workout without too much stress on the joints and great to combine with my twice a week boot camp workout.
Afterwards I got home and started cooking right away. I cook the most basic simple dinners and yet it still takes a while especially the clean-up. I barely had time to shower and change and eat a quick leftover lunch before heading back to school to volunteer. Then picked up the kids and went direct to an early easter egg hunt party at my daughter's classmate housing complex…
Taking action photos of the kids was so much fun…

We left the egg hunt party early to rush to my son's swim team practice then came home and our out of town guests were already there. Ran around like crazy unloading everything and making their bed and emptying dishwasher, giving the kids a shower and rushing downstairs to heat the dinner I cooked and setting the table. It was dizzying. But we got to sit down to a nice dinner and catch up with old friends….

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