Monday, June 29, 2015

Wide Open Spaces

 Not the best photo shoot cause we got caught in a huge rain storm on Saturday….

Tee, Skirt - J Crew
Sandals - Steve Madden
Purse - Michael Kors

Tried to do a visit to a historic cotton plantation but our lunch took forever and by the time we got there it started pouring. We tried to wait out the rain but then they cancelled the guided tours and told us we could just walk around but we just were not feeling it without a tour and the kids were bored and it kept raining on and off so we called it quits and went home to relax and watch a movie….

Our flight was not until midday so after a nice breakfast we went on a stroll near by their house. Drove there in their gold cart which the kids enjoyed and then tried to walk as much as the kids and us could stand the heat…

My 'Holly Hobbie' girl...

Love how these photos came out….

I loved this Spanish Moss invasion of the live oak trees all over this town...

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  1. wow...beautiful place! i'll have to catch up on your posts to see where you're at! love the cute tee!


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