Friday, December 18, 2015

I Might Read Till I Fell Better

Thursday's outfit was inspired by this December 2015 issue of In Style Magazine:
 Mustard sweater, flared jeans and cognac boots… :)

Jacket - Andrew Marc
Sweater - Anthropologie
Jeans - Ann Taylor LOFT
Boots - Via Spiga

Went to my son's class poetry presentation and holiday breakfast celebration in school early in the morning.
They used thesaurus to reflect all sorts of adjectives that depicted feelings of holidays and winter.
And the teacher lets them run the whole show all by themselves and it is amazing how great they do.
The breakfast was delicious as well.
Afterwards I ran more errands in and out of the house before my daughter got out of school early and then we both went back to take over the Wednesday boys playdate on campus. Every wednesday a group of my sons' friends get together for an hour or so to play at school while one of the mom's stay to supervise. We take turns so it is a great way for them to get together.
AFter which we brought of the friends to our house for them to have a playdate there while I continued to get things done as I hosted my book club at night at our house.
And I am crazy I know but came up with this book club ornament idea for all of us to create together.
Saw it on Etsy selling for $45 a piece and figured a group of mom's are just crafty enough to take it on.
They came out just adorable and now we'll remember 19+ books we read together….

Busy days of trying to get last minute things done before the kids are out of school and our backyard is in full construction and kids have ton of school celebrations.
In the afternoon met up with my sister and went to my daughter's classroom for their winter sing presentation. It was just the most adorable thing. Because, my daughter sings like she is on stage solo performing even though she is with her whole class and standing in second row in a corner. You have to see her facial expressions as she totally reflects the emotions of the lyrics and dances out to the songs. It is just a pleasure to watch.

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