Friday, March 18, 2016

In Trying Times, Don't Quit Trying

Wednesday's outfit was inspired from a folder I have titled 'Boho Looks'... They are such a contrast from my 'pinterest' and 'jcrew' looks. I love throwing people in a loop when I completely switch gears and styles like that... 

Here was the inspiration from Forever 21's 'Lookbook' site:

I could have added the leather jacket but it was never cold enough and the outfit was was till col without it...

Photos taken at my parents house. They have been so hard over the last 5 months remodeling and it looks amazing even though we weren't even trying to capture the house. I just real quick had my step dad snap the photos as I dropped off my daughter and changed my son and rushed him to a baseball game from there...

Tee, Jeans, black necklace - Forever 21
Plaid blouse (tied at waist) - Target
Booties - Steve Madden
Blue necklace - Vintage 

It was my crazy crazy day. My daughter had cavity filling appointment. My son had a baseball game and science team solar car competition that overlapped. Because he is such an amazing player the coaches begged me to bring him to the game just for a few innings before rushing him to the competition. I bought dinner and fed him in the car.
He had an amazing game but the solar car competition did not go well as their car wouldn't take off!
He had a moment of breakdown and started crying which reminds me despite his ever growing height he is still little. He shook it off though and wanted to stay and cheer for his friends' teams instead even though his team was out.
Looooong day of running around and driving around town like crazy...
Thanks to my parents who took my daughter to her appointment and fed her and got her to bed while we did all this stuff with my son.
Takes a village!

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  1. Badass! I love the contrast of the red plaid against the black, as well as the unexpected details of the silver and turquoise jewelry. (Also, that mural in your parents' kitchen makes for a fabulous backdrop!) I know just what you mean about changing up your style personality every once in a while; some days I'm boho, other days retro, other days Lolita-kawaii. Because that's what fashion's about: making every day an adventure!


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