Monday, March 14, 2016

In a League of Your Own

Saturday night's outfit was inspired by the every so famous Bee from Atlantic Pacific:

I had a purple furry coat but it was too cropped so went with the blush shaggy coat for a similar effect….

The outfit looked cool even without the jacket or the hat. The differences in texture and shapes add interest even though the whole look is black...

Can you see my little guy playing basketball while still in his baseball uniform in the background?
The kid never sits down...

Hat, Jacket, Pants - Forever 21
Sweater - Blush from Nordstrom's
Shoes - Zara
Accessories - Cookie Lee, Fossil, Bauble Bar, Francesca's…
Sunglasses - House of Harlow

Busy day with Ice Skating and Baseball game and team snacks….
My son is a true rock star in Baseball. He makes hits and catches that get so much applause. One catch the opponent team's coach actually stopped and went to shake his hand it was that amazing.
I am such a proud momma sitting in the stands watching him.
We hung out at home afterwards with my parents. Then they took the kids but I had already made plans with girl friends so my hubby went out with a friend as well.
A great night over margaritas and chips and salsa…


Love to hear your thoughts...