Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We are going to party like it is your Birthday

 My outfit Sunday I think... The long weekend is throwing me off now...

The inspiration was from this Pinterest:

Just basic Tee outfit but the baseball cap caught my attention...
I added again a graphic tee instead of a simple white one. More because I didn't have a white tee that was long like hers. So I went to Marshalls at some point this weekend and trie don't close to 10 basic white shirts and got the perfect one for $7.99. You can never have too many basic white tee's cause they don't last...

 Leather Jacket - Andrew Marc
Tee - from Turkey
Scarf - TJ maxx
Hat - J Crew
Jeans - H&M
Booties - Betsey Johnson

The whole weekend has been about baseball. My son made all star in baseball and was part of a Memorial day weekend tournament where all the all star teams of different leagues compete against each other. These games are so much fun to watch. They all consist of the best players and they are sooo into the game. 

And after at night we went out to celebrate my gorgeous mom's birthday.  

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