Wednesday, February 8, 2017


 What I wore Saturday as we had a crazy day with Basketball game, selling cookies, building Galleon ships and hosting a birthday sleepover!

Pinterest Inspiration:
 I had this top for soooo many years now and it comes in handy like this once in a blue moon. :)
The puff sleeves are now in too so it was perfect how it pops out of the sweater top!

Top - Victoria's Secret
Blouse - Ralph Lauren (vintage)
Pants - Zara
Sneakers - Sam Edelman
Bow Choker necklace - Forever 21

SATURDAY Craziness:
After a long day hosted my daughter's 3 friends as they had a fun birthday sleepover.
Started the day with roller blading/ riding scooters, then swimming in the jacuzzi, followed by harry potter trivia pursuit then build your own tacos dinner, watching a movie, having ice cream cake, opening presents, playing ping pong and finally going to bed!

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