Monday, May 15, 2017

Going around in circles

 What I wore last Wednesday to work again....

This was inspired by Cabi's last fall/winter catalog look:

 I liked the idea of combining red/burgundy and coral tones together... 

Cardigan - J Crew
Blouse - La Redoute
Pants - Nordsrom Rack
Booties - Amazon
Necklace - Cookie Lee

Work was loooong. They asked me to stay late so I had to have my sitter stay late and then just bring the kids to the ice skating rink and meet me there since I work very close to that area.
Except I had no appropriate shoes or a WALLET! So not only was I not able to my sitter she had to give me cash so I can buy dinner!


  1. I'm loving your work-outfits. Seeing you deploy your talent at styling in a new context is fascinating. BTW, love these booties.

  2. Thank you. :)
    My husband thought the clear heeled booties were not quite work material but they dress sooo casual here I didn't think it mattered.


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