Sunday, May 14, 2017


What I wore last Tuesday to work... I realized the dress code is quite casual here so I can venture to khaki pants (and even jeans) as I select combos as long as the look is kept semi professional...

My inspiration for this was from J Crew from their 2016 fall catalog:

 I just love how they came up with the idea of a stark white blazer over a red striped top and khaki pants and chunky loafers....

 Blazer - Forever 21
Top, Pants - J Crew
Loafers - Coach
Sunglasses - Crap Eyewear

The Working Life:
Even by day 2 our whole family is realizing this might not have been a realistic plan for us.
Keeping everything as is but then adding a 7 hour work day to my schedule is pretty much insane. There is no time to do anything and it is literally exhausting.

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