Monday, February 8, 2010

Same Outfit - slight changes

Since I only wore yesterday's outfit for just a couple hours figured I can wear some of the pieces again.
Same concept but less dressy.

Outfit: Instead of yesterday's satin brown pants, wore brown khaki pants. Same teal t-neck and same chunky fair isle sweater. Instead of cream high heeled ankle boots, wore flat brown boots. Instead of the gold glitter belt, went with skinny double brown belt and kept the t-neck untucked. Instead of the long and heavy necklace went with a smaller stone version that is not as clunky or long.

Activity: Went to a playdate at a friend's house in the morning. After naps, squeezed in a grocery shopping, a return and a frame purchase at Michael's and then rushed to the park playdate for some fresh air before the rains come later this week.

I find running errands to be a big challange with 2 kids. Even if the stores are in the same strip mall they seem to be never that close. You either have to park close to one store than stroller or shopping cart carry the kids betwen stores or deal with the hassle of putting and buckling them in and out of car seats for a 5 minute run in errand at a store. Haven't figured out which method is better. At times like these it is good to wear flats and have layers on top so you shed the top layer when you get hot from all the running and lifting.

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