Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Very cute outfit but the low riders are driving me crazy

Outfit: Dark blue skinny jeans, brown sweater/jacket fitted top, brown tall boots pulled over the jeans, betsey johnson heart necklace, juicy hoop earings.

Activity: Indoor toddler class with the kids in the morning, Dr appointment in the afternoon.

Today's outfit looked really cool. The top is something I bought from a realtive's boutique in Turkey. Very different. The main part is made a like a jacket from wool suit material. The waist is satin with a zipper but what makes it super comfy is the sleeves are sweater material so it is very easy to move in.

My jeans on the other hand were driving me crazy today. They kept riding so low that my thong showed everytime I sat or bent over which is very often when you are chasing after two toddlers. I am not sure if it is because they stretch out or something. I am going to try wearing them with a belt to see if that fixes the problem. Very annoying.

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