Friday, May 14, 2010

Graffitti Park

Life continues... Kids still need to be taken care of. So here we are at the park. My stepfather the great artist is here so he took many shots at this park whose walls were once painted with scenery pictures but over time turned into graffitti. My stepfather thought they made a great background.  Wore the white maxi dress I purchased here my first week. Simple accessorizing. Just added chunky chain necklace and my denim sandals which are adorned with chain detail as well.

White Maxi Dress - boutique in Turkey - $30
Denim Sandals - Steve Madden
Chunky Chain necklace - Forever 21 - $17

Today's Activities: Went to park with the kids. My mom and stepdad joined us. Had lunch at a cafe near by. After naps my mom and aunt went out to take care of paperwork while stepdad and I took the kids to grocery shopping then all of us got together and came to Grandpa's house. My sister and cousin had been there all day hosting visitors. They played with the kids while we hosted visitors. Then as it was my nanny's last night took them back home and left them there and came back to spend the evening with family.

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