Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saying 'Good-Bye'

This is a hard morning. Today was my Grandpa's funeral. As it turns out it was a super hot day. My Grandpa was a very political figure in this city. He was an ex senator for one. He was the president of Chamber of Commerce for the whole country for 1 year. Then for 17 years he was the president of Chamber of Commerce in Izmir. Therefore the death announcements were 2 full pages in the newspapers. The Chamber of Commerce held a funeral ceremony first, then there the actual funeral took place at the main mosque. Afterwards we drove to the cemetry for burial. The core family had to line up to greet everyone that came and then to say good bye. |It was hours of standing and shaking hands with press constantly flashing photos. There was lots of crying. I will miss him so much.
I was going to wear my black dress but since it was sleeveless it required a jacket since it would be inappropriate in the mosque and it was too hot to wear a jacket today. Therefore decided to go with this blouse instead with the black skirt my stepfather brought for me when he came. Wore panythose because the shoes hurt barefoot in the heat. Heels was a big mistake. On top of my emotional pain I was in great physical pain from standing for hours on those heels. After all this we had to come home to host many friends and family who came to the house. At his point I wore slippers.

Black satin Blouse  - Forever 21
Black pencil skirt - Forever 21
Pantyhose - penti
Black patent heels - Steven
Black and white purse - Guess
Pearl necklace - Barrowed from my cousin

The ceremony at Chamber of Commerce... The plaque on the wall is the plaque that is always there because my Grandpa was the President Chamber of commerce when this building was built.

Today's Activities: Funeral ceremony followed by actual funeral followed by burial. Hosting family and friends at home. Remembering his best memories with everyone and laughing like he would want us to was the best part of the day. Spent time with the whole family until very late at night.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your grandpa. Your outfit looks great though.


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