Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy in Stripes

First and foremost HAPPY MOTHER’s day to all my mommy readers.

I thought the best mother’s day gift this morning was waking up to my son’s gentle kiss and his soft voice saying ‘mommy’. Of course the rest of that sentence was ‘I need to go potty’ but still there was a kiss and a hug! 

So, this is the outfit I meant to wear that crazy day my Grandpa’s condition got worse and my nanny broke her arm. That day though I had my mom’s top. This top is mine. Mom bought this for me from my son as a mother’s day gift so she can have her top back. It was on a sale rack for 24 TL ($16). It is nice and long tunic length. It has tiny shulder pads (so 80s) with silver stud embellishments that I love. The shoes and the jacket are mom’s. She was wearing this outfit the other day and I loved it so barrowed it all. I love the watermelon colored jacket over the navy/white stripes. These shoes mom claims are black but they blend as navy with this outfit I think. I am also wearing my new silver anklet. The gold version of this anklet is in my mother’s day giveaway! I wore my own gold anklet all summer long last summer but this year so many of my sandals/shoes are cuffed at the ankles that I can’t wear them as often.

Jacket – Mom’s
Navy/White Striped top – Tally Weijl (boutique in Turkey) - $16
Jeans – Forever 21
Shoes – Guess
Necklace – Off Fifth
Sunglasses – Channel

Today’s Activities:

Woke up semi early again. Let go of the nanny we had for 1 day that did not speak any Turkish or English and could not communicate or entertain the kids. A new nanny has started and we like her a lot more.
Ate breakfast with uncle and cousin and the kids.
Went to the local Sunday farmer’s market.
Both kids napped (what a great mother’s day gift). After snacks went to Grandpa’s house where again the kids played outside for a bit as I visited my Grandpa. We then allowed them to come inside for a little while per my Grandpa’s wish, fed them there and rushed home for baths and bedtime. I then went back to Grandpa’s to visit until very late (have been coming home around 2 AM)…

Oh, here is the news paper photo and article that came out today...


  1. Love that top!
    Your kids are so cute!

  2. congratulations on being published. belated happy mother's day! i understand when you say about the rest of the sentence i need to go potty even if my daughter doesn't really talk much yet.

  3. oh congrats on the article! love your stripey top!

  4. What was the article about? That is very cool, whatever it is about, mind you!

    LOVE this look. The striped shirt is awesome. Love the jacket and shoes you paired it with too. And wow, your mom has great taste! Runs in the family I guess!!

  5. Hello Mommy Daph!
    Belated Happy Mother's Day!
    I hope you had a wonderful one!

    Aww, congrats and it feels great seeing yourself in a
    news paper, right? Have it framed, darling and hang it
    on the wall!

    I love stripes! I am sucker for stripes you know!


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