Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy in Navy

This is a simple combo I put together as another way to wear this navy skort. I than decided to add the bright yellow belt as a punch of color. The skort does not really have belt loops so it just sets  there. The belt also picks up the hints of yellow that is on the t-shirt. Added a yellow watch with rhinestones then went with that rhinestone theme on my ankle cuff denim sandals and fringe silver earings.

Flowery Tee - Anthropologie
Navy rayon skort - Forever 21
Yellow thin belt - Forever 21
Ankle cuff denim sandals - Steve Madden
Silver Fringe Earings - Forever 21
Yellow watch - Vernier

Today's Activities: Went to the beach in the morning and met a friend there. Beach and the water is much calmer and cleaner and more peaceful in the mornings. Kids also seem to be less needy and tend to entertain themselves. After lunch and naps we went to a friend's house for a pool playdate. They have a son my son's age. Kids loved the non salty pool water. My son kept jumping in throwing in a ball then swimming to retrieve it and do it all over again. All with arm floaties of course. My daughter was happy to be floating on her own for a bit with our help in her floaties as well. As it is Turkish tradition we were served way too many varieties of sweets and cookies over cups and cups of freshly brewed tea. After dinner at home and the kids went down we had friend over for drinks and than watched 'Back up plan' on video and laughed hard until 2 AM.

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  1. This outfit is SO cute! Love love love the colours and the shape! Perfect! And your afternoon pool/tea/chocolate date sounds awesome!

    Oh, and 2am? I'm impressed!


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