Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This is another combo I put together for this layered skirt. I truly love this skirt cause of its layred look and the fact that it came with this great looking belt. Since it is a bit loose on my waist I pushed it down just a bit s the belt would sit tight. It would have been a bit better if I could cynch at my true waist though. I love pairing cute mini skirts with a simple white ribbed tank. I have a few of these tnaks. This one has a thin strip of silver sequins on the neckline and the arm opennings which is a nice added touch. And to roughen up the look added my peep toe and open heel summer boots. (see side pose for the open heel shot). Decided to go with the simple mother of pearl shell necklace on a satin cord. Added silver watch and the white/nickel ring to complete the look.

 White ribbed tank with sequin trim - Deliah's Catalog
Layered skirt with detachable belt - boutique in Turkey
Summer Boots - Juicy Couture
White/Nickel ring - Swatch
Shell necklace - Mom's

Today's Activities: Two beach day today. Went in the morning and met my friend again. Since they were staying for lunch ran home to drop off my daughter and kept my son longer had lunch on the beach from the beach bar's cafe. My daughter can barelly go past 12:30 PM so she wouldn't have lasted. After naps and snacks we went to the beach again this time to meet another friend and her baby who is a bit younger than my daughter. The afternoons are windier though and don't have the peacefullness of the morning time so not my favorite. Came home with the guests and had tea and cake. Therefore the kids ate very late. After they went down for the night went out with my mom and aunt to their friend's bar/restaurant called 'Roseto' for a drink. Since it was only 1 AM I guess you can count that as an early night!

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