Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Rock

Not super creative today as we didn't have any major plans this afternoon and it was too chilly to wear shorts. So here I just paired this new sequined tank with dark grey jeans and converses. Added the multi chain chunky necklace for that 'rock' look. Although this CZ ring is dressy looking thought it went good with this outfit. I do have cooler combo's for this tank that will be portrayed soon.

Back to Rock Tank Top - from Turkey - LC Waikiki
Dark Grey skinny jeans - CLOSET
Converses -
Multi chain chunky necklace - Forever 21
CZ ring - from Turkey - Evita

Today's Activities: Was determined to make it to the beach this AM so woke up early changed all the sheets did two loads of laundry and got ready for the beach. Was able to make it out by 10:15 AM! :) It was nice and warm so the kids swam twice and played on the sand. Came home for lunch and amazingly long naps for both. After snacks went to a friends community pool. She has a daughter close to my son's age and they had a great time swimming in the pool. My daughter the fearless one loves to throw herself into the pool from the edge. Came home for dinner and quiet play time before going down. Mom and I left after the kids went down to her cousin's house to play cards with her cousin and aunt.


  1. Classy laidback. I love outfits like these for regular days. A little bit of bling and a lot of comfort.

  2. Sounds like the perfect day! Your kids had fun, you had fun! What a great mommy you are! And a stylin' one too! Love this outfit! It rocks!


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