Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adding purple to all white

Super late post as there have been some crazy things going on the last couple of days. Wore this outfit the night of August 17th. I was inspired by the August cover of Lucky magazine, the model was wearing all white pants and top with orange shoes and accessories. I thought it would be perfect to adopt it with my purple shoes and accessories instead. I absolutely love these shoes and with kids very rarely get to wear them. A girls night out to a restaurant is the perfect setting since it means minimal walking. I layered and layared many bead necklaces I have in purple hues. I used a stone green and purle necklace as a bracelet by double wrapping. Was happy to get to use my old Kate Spade clutch. I brought that white jacket you see in the cover but it never got chilly enough.

Inspiration photo:  

White Tank Top - La Redoute catalog
White skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Purple suede platform heels - Steve Madden
Bead Necklaces (total of 3) - from Turkey
Stone necklace (worn as a bracelet) - Ross Simmens Catalog
Clutch - Kate Spade
White crop jacket - Forever 21

Here is What I wore during the same day see my little man posing with me:

Recent Activities: I have been back to my hectic schedule of kid activities. Great to be having control of my own schedule with my own car under my own rules. Went to dinner with my girlfriends to celebrate my b-day. As I was driving to the restaurant after a sneaky departure so the kids won't cry just switching my radio station from lion king audio to my own adult station put me in the right frame of mind. I just love that once a week or every other week escape I get with the girls. It is a mini vacation from being a mommy. It helps that my girlfriend with the exception of one are unmarried with no kids. Unfortunately though the next day we were devestated to hear my best friend and her sister who I went out with the night before lost their mother unexpectedly! This was on top of the news I got from my step dad who lost his 43 year old sister in law the same morning. It was just a very emotional day thinking about the people I care so much going through pain I just can't even begin to imagine. My heart goes out to them all.


  1. I should try the white with one colour combo. Sorry, to hear about the sudden passing away of so many people you care about.

  2. I love the pops of purple in this outfit...such a great look!


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