Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Girl

It was my Birtday yesterday. This is the outfit I wore in the afternoon. I love the crispiness of the navy with white. Usually that combo is paired with red for a nautical theme and silver accessories. I decided to go with this (burnt) orange sash belt instead. It added classiness and goes great with camel colored shoes and gold accessories. I rolled up the cuffs of the skinny jeans to really draw attention to the shoes. The sweater is super thin so great for apparently the coldest summer San Diego is having. This was one of those combo's  I put together at a spur of the moment to add to my list. It was great to see how nicely it really did come together. The simple but chunky gold necklace with the tear drop gold earings really bring class to the whole outfit I think.

Navy thin sweater - Mossimo for Target
White Skinny Jeans - Forever 21
Orange silk sash belt - JCrew
Shoes - Michael Kors (TJ Maxx)
Watch - Michael Kors
Gold Necklace - Macy's
Gold tear drop earings and gold and turqoise ring - from Turkey
Sunglasses - Channel

Activities: Had a rough night with the kids who are still jet lagged and adjusting to their beds. After playing musical beds with the kids and my husband got very little sleep. So woke up in the AM totally not even remembering it was my B-Day. In a complete daze got ready and went to my mom's and step Dad's for breakfast. Then took the kids to the zoo they had missed so much. (see photos below of what I wore to there). They were happy but exhausted at the end. Came home for naps but unfortunately my daughter napped very little. Got ready and hosted my dad, brother and sister in law for a reunion and b-day dinner which my husband shopped, cooked and cleaned!

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  1. Happy belated b'day. Settling kids down after a break is hell.


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