Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grundgy Plaid

I bought this dress at the bazaar to do this 'skater grundge' look by pairing plaid dresses with schiffon tops and tights etc... But figured I should also wear it as is while I am here. To add a bit of summer grundge went with the opend toed boots and chuncky chain necklace and a stretch belt. The dress has cute details like ruffled front and a skirt where the two sides are a bit longer than the front and the back. These self photos do not really show much of this but had to do a quick shoot before the sun set and the kids were about to get real fussy.

Plaid Dress - from Turkey (Bazaar)
Stretch belt - Forever 21
Chunky chain necklace - Forever 21
Open toe and heel boots - Juicy Couture (Zappos.com)
All black watch - from Turkey

Today's Activites: Went to the beach this AM, it was super crowded with more kids than usual. The sand was covered with beach toys and kids. They had a blast of course. (see photo below). During the kids naps I got my hair colored and cut. We asked the hair dresser to come down for a day to swim and to do our hair. It worked out great. In the late afternoon had over 4 mom's with kids for a playdate. It was chaotic but fun. After dinner and kids went to bed went out for some tea and dessert with my mom and aunt. Late night uploading photos and checking emails.

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