Sunday, August 1, 2010

All White

Inspired for this outfit by a photo in a magazine ad.  She had worn all white with just touches of greys. I decided to use touches of tan color instead and I really wanted to use this woven thin belt I found in my mom's closet. It would have been better if it was skinny white jeans but I left them in the states so these capri's had to do. I really miss having access to my full closet. I am so tired of the same shoes and pieces I have packed on this trip. Even when I add a few new things I can't make the combo's I want. 10 days left now. Oh, decided to go with no necklace to not take away from the tulle neckline of the blouse but went with these big dangly earings. The leafs cascade from silver to gold to bronze. The two pearl bangles I found at the bazaar were the perfect compliment to the all white get-up.

White bloue with tulle neckline - from Turkey - Koton
White tank top - Closet
White Capri Pants - D&G
Woven tie belt - Mom's
Tan suede ankle cuff sandals - Victoria's Secret
Dangly earings - Mango
Pearlized bangles - from Turkey (bazaar)

Today's Activities:  Had another rough night with my daughter again so woke up not feeling great but still managed to get to the beach. Of course she was all fussy and not very happy there so we came early and put her down for an early nap. Hang out around the house in the afternoon till the weather cooled down a bit. Then went out for a little while. After the kids went down went to my mom's other cousin's house for a family gathering.

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