Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had tried to wear this outfit couple days ago but there was an unfortunate incident with my daughter which caused the dress go back to the hamper within 5 minutes of me putting it on. Getting to wear it now. This dress is usually to mini to wear on its own but put this on for hosting a dinner at home so it was fine. I wanted to pair it with my gold bib necklace and mom's chunky gold wedges while I had access to them. Added the chunky gold chain watch to compliment the look.

Green graphic print jersey dress - Mango
Gold bib necklace - Kohl's
Gold wedges - Steve Madden (My mother's)
Gold bracelet watch - Ed Hardy

Today's (Saturday's) Activities: Woke up super late (had someone to wake up with the kids) so went to the beach somewhat late but that was OK as we were invited to lunch to relative's house which is right near the beach. Tried to get my daughter to nap there but no luck. So had them stay up later and had a good time there. Came home to put them down for a very late nap. Tried to kill time after they woke up but it was still early so went to the beach again. This time my uncle came and the kids enjoyed playing/swimming with him. Came home to shower and change and wait for our dinner guests. Kids acted pretty OK and gave me enough time to eat with the guests before putting them down to bed. Went to bed early (midnight) while my family went out. I was too exhausted.

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