Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little military a little utility

Aaah finally some fall like weather to break out my new boots and a combo from my fall/winter list. Seriously I have been so tired of this in between weather we have been having. It is not warm enough for summer but not cool enough for fall clothes. I had been dying start wearing my fall combo's but it is just so hard to break out tights or boots in San Diego. So easy to break out flip flops or shorts when the first signs of warm weather shows up, actually you never put away your summer clothes here. But fall/winter is a whole other story. Well today was drizzling a bit and definitely chilly so did not look out of place in boots. I am upset how the photos turned out cause the colors didn't really come out. They were not as blended as they look here. You might recognize these pants as I wore them all summer after getting belt loops added in Turkey. They are extereme low rise so had to have belt loops so I can wear a belt to hold them in place. I actually like that they are cynched to a capri length cause they give the lace up rugged boots full exposure. My mom couldn't beleive these were brand new as they already look old but I love them. They give the exact rugged look I was going for. They are also faded brown so they can go with blacks, greens etc... I have them under A LOT of combo's these coming seasons. The v-neck tee is also very old. Got them as a non wrinkle piece for under suits when I used to work and travel a lot. Happy to be still getting use out of my last season purchase: the utility shirt which I use as a jacket. And notice my new wallet/purse? Finally decided on the Juicy Couture one after all and completely moved into it today. Also swapped my diaper bag as well. Today was an offiicial switch to new fall bags day! :)

Green pants - Bebe
Cream v-neck - some odd brand I do not recognize nor do I remember where I got it
Utility shirt worn like a jacket - Gap
Brown rugged boots - Steven by Steve Madden
Animal print wallet/purse - Juicy Couture (I just bought this online but now can't find it on their website!)

Today's Activities: My husband left at 5:30 AM for a day trip to San Fran so I was on my own getting both kids ready and fed and lunches and snacks packed before leaving at 9 AM. We drove a little further than normal to meet the outdoor pre-school class at a park. Funny how I take the kids to the park all the time but after 30-45 minutes they are done. Here though with 20 other kids their age they played for 3 hours. Of course they also did an art project and circle time songs as well. It was great. Of course they crashed hard for naps afterwards which is when I cooked and did all my 'purse switches'. When they woke up we took it easy played and had snacks. Then took them to the indoor play place (Kid Ventures) we are members of. I love this place. I can actually sit, drink a cup of coffee and have a few moments in between playing with the kids to browse a magazine or have a chat etc... Today my mom stopped by so I even had more free time. Came home for dinner and baths. My husband won't be coming back till late.

Here is my daughter posing with me... The light is a little better in this photo.
Don't you love her cardigan? Got it at TJ Maxx for $12.


  1. Oh I totally love this look!! It's definatly perfect for fall..I love the pants...and the boots definatly finish off the look!

  2. Love your new boots.....great military out fit with feminine touches:)

    Your daughter is a dollie!!

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  3. Those pants are so awesome and I love how you paired them with the utilitarian shirt.


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