Saturday, September 25, 2010

Orange with Pink

Oh, yes it is shorts weather here in southern CA. Just when we thought we were getting close to fall weather we have a heat wave that will bring summer back this coming week.
Saw this unusual color combination in a Magazine (see photo below):

Not that I was super crazy about it but since I had items in both of these colors thought it would be a cool experiment to pair them. I think it would have been better if I had a brown cardigan instead to anchor these colors. This thin faded gold shrug is another super old item, so is the dusty pink camisole. The orange shorts were a F21 purchase 3.5 years ago. I seem to always find different ways to wear them every summer.  The outfit would have looked killer with my mom's thick strappy brown sandals I wore all summer in Turkey but without access to them and with kids these suede ballet flats will have to do. Wore a very subtle goold necklace but a bold burnished cuff bracelet. Oh, got to wear the gold and rhinestone anklet since finally I am wearing a non 'ankle cuff' shoe.

These two shots look identical but they are slightly different...

 Tree in our front yard:

Pink Camisole - Arden B
Orange Shorts - Forever 21
Gold Shrug - Forever 21
Thin double brown belt - Forever 21
gold cuff - Charlotte Russe (recent purchase)
Brown suede ballet flats - Steve Madden
Anklet - From Turkey
Cascading bird necklace - ordered online after a photo in lucky mag years ago

Today's Activities: Forced son to go back to bed after his 6:30 AM wake-up call and managed to sleep until 7:40 AM which as many parents will know is considered 'sleeping in'. After showers and getting dressed we headed straight to my mom's for a family breakfast. Kids love going there cause there is an abundance of bacon which I never cook myself at home. They ate heartily and played inside and out. My stepdad took them for bike rides and to a park. We even stayed for a quick lunch (poor mom) before heading home for naps. When they woke up went to my good friend's son's 1st BDay party. It was outside (the weather was perfect) and they hired that kid band we always watch as entertainment. Kids had fun running around and dancing and playing. Since it was a pretty late afternoon party the food we had there counted as dinner so came home pretty late just enough time for baths and bed time. Than did loads and loads of laundry and helped my husband pack. He is leaving for India (for work) for 3 weeks!!!!


  1. LOVE this color combo on you....awesome!!

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  2. Orange and pink has always been one of my favorite colour combo's!

  3. love orange and pink together. Looks great on you. LOVE your anklet! And what a fun day!

    oh, must be hard to lose your husband to work for so long! Good luck on that! And yes, 7:40 IS sleeping in!

    heart: Kimberellie

  4. Pink and orange is a big favourite around here especially for ethnic outfits. Howerver, have never tried it in a casual combo, looks good.

  5. Wow, nice combo. Looks great on you! Those two bright colours go nicely together! I heard pink and red are a great combo too but I don't have any bright pink clothes anyway....
    And err... I'm your latest follower - lol... I thought I was following you but obviously I wasn't. Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. dang girl, you look hot! love this color combo!

  7. I have seen this color combo with Escada first when İ was working for Nordstrom and loving it on you aspecially mixed with brown have to remember and try it on me!


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