Friday, September 24, 2010

Mixing Patterns

I was quite happy with how this all came together today. After last night's struggle it was nice to have an outfit come together with ease. I just had the strapless and the pants and shoes on my list but thought adding the jacket, hat and the scarf would make it even more interesting. These pants were bought eons ago from F21. I love that you can tighten them below the knee. They look good with a strapless number like this one or a white simple ribbed boy tank too. My high heel juicy boots would have been much better but with kids had to settle for the flat ankle cuff sandals instead. Normally I would be against strapless with the kids but this one is super tight and stayed put all day. It warmed up pretty quickly (we are expecting a heat wave here this weekend) so didn't use the jacket all day. I had bought this hat for the beach but it is also a great spring/fall hat as well. The scarf is a new purchase from closet. Loved its soft texture and the white birds on the black background was so cute. It came loose during the day and I just let the ends hang and that looked cool as well. I love how that pattern and the stripes in the pants and the animal print jacket all go together. With so many patterns going on didn't want to add too many accessories. Just a black watch and a white/silver ring.

White strapless top - Alloy Catalog
Animal Print Jacket - Forever 21
Striped Pants - Forever 21
Ankle Cuff sandals - Boutique 9 (Zappos)
Hat - some store in PB San Diego
Scarf - Closet
Watch - From Turkey
Ring - Swatch

Today's Activities: Took the kids to the favorite mall first to the play area then to ride the train. Later we walked over to the lawn area to watch a kid concert while having snacks. Afterwards went to the food court and met up another mommy and kids for lunch. My cousins and stepdad joined us. Had the kids sleep in the stroller with great success and shopped while they slept. Mostly assisted my cousins but did manage to score a $10 glitter tank, brass color necklace and cuff from Charlotte Russe. When the kids woke up went to another mall for some soft pretzel and lemonade snack. My stepdad came again to hang out with the kids while I returned some items at Nordstrom rack and of course bought more stuff for the kids. My mom and step dad were generous enough to take the kids to their house (we were going to go there for dinner anyway) while I went to costco and back at home to put everything away. Met my husband at home and drove to mom's house for a last family dinner before my cousins leave late tonight back to Turkey.


  1. This is one of the most perfect outfits I've seen here. There's something about it that really appeals.

    True, I never do strapless with the kids, just to risky.

  2. I LOVE those pants! I need to get to F21 ASAP!

  3. İ love this outfit altogether your pictures llok like they are from a magazine and perfect example of mixing patterns can be done nicely. İ need to try it but it seems to me like too much work. Cudos to you managing all this with two toddlers!


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