Sunday, September 12, 2010

The magic of gold

Lagging behind in posts as we have visitors in town. This was my outfit on Friday.
I was inspired for this combo from the following photo in Lucky Magazine:

As you can see it is not all that identical. I just got the idea of cargo pants with gold accessories and a cardigan idea. Since I wanted to use this as day outfit with kids I paired my gold 'flats' instead of heels. For a cardi I wanted to go with someding bolder so orange gives that great pop of color and goes great with gold. I also have very similar (even cooler) channel eye glasses too but forgot to wear them! :(
With just the button down and cargo pants the outfit looked very blah, but add that one necklace and it goes from blah to instantly glamour. And that bib necklace is very comfy and light so very easy to wear. It is made out of fabric and my daughter loves to touch it whenever I pick her up.

Don't you love her denim shirt? :)

Button down shirt - Mango
Cargo pants - JCrew
Orange Cardigan - Gap
Gold flats - Dolce Vita
Bib necklace - Kohl's

Friday's Activities: My cousin and her husband (I will call him cousin-in-law) are visiting from Turkey for 2 weeks. They arrived Thu night. Friday morning I had first go to our mommy and me preschool class. During nap time cooked dinner. After naps I joined the group at Nordstrom Rack. They pretty much spent the entire afternoon in that one store. We browsed together and chatted. Entertained the kids by chasing daughter between shoe isles and son in the circular dress racks. Got some super cool fall shoes for my son and a couple nice T's for my husband. I very proudly stayed away from anything for myself. Had everyone over for a big family dinner. Once the kids were down we made cocktails, finally took the cover of our pool table (which has been used for laundry and toy table) and had a good time.

Here are the kids breaking into my quick blog photo shoot:


  1. Hello....just found your it..Im your newest follower:)

    Stop by and say hello:)

    LOVE the outfit too!!

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Yes the gold is definatly perfect!

  3. I am most gold obsessed...and the little lady's denim shirt is SO cute!

  4. You channeled the inspiration so well! And I love the bright and bold sweater you picked!

  5. I love the photos with your children! They are so cute! And this outfit is so cute! LOVE the shoes!

    heart: Miss Furnellie

  6. i love this outfit! it's stylish and you can still be a mom in it! great choice!


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