Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red and White

So glad I got to wear this combo before the weather cooled off. I got inspired for this look from a photo where I saw a model wear a long pearl necklace over a scarf. I just love the idea of bright red with crisp white. Added black touches with the shoes, clutch and leather jacket. Of course forgot to do a photo with those items! Of course this was my night outfit for dinner with girlfriends. See day outfit below.

Red Tee - Forever 21
White Linen pants - Target
White scarf - boutique in SD
Pearl necklace - gift from husband on an east cost trip
Platform heels - Boutique 9
Pearl and rhinestone ring - from Turkey

Today's Activities: Got up super early and made it out of the house by 7:30 AM with both kids to get in line for the state funded preschool classes. The key to getting out at such an early time is to skip breakfast at home. My husband was great running to get bagels and cream cheese for us to take before we left. Of course anytime you have to go somewhere that would be the time kids will sleep in. Had to wake up my daughter to make it out on time. Needless to say we were 4th inline and got in. Kids loved the classroom setting and all the play areas. After naps took them to the mall to do some fall clothes shopping. Told myself to stay away from the girl isle so I can focus on my son. Lately I have been buying only clothes for my daughter. It is just so tempting to get sucked into the girl section. Bought him some very cool items. Another key to shopping with the keys is peppering fun activities between each store. Kid had fun getting their hands wet in the dolphin pools, than jumpy, then train etc... I even managed to run into Forever 21 for some accessory shopping. Bought a whole pack of assorted ankle socks. I am determined to follow the ankle sock fashion this fall so needed some fun colors to try out. Also bought this cute silky skirt and a fall colored scarf and some rocker bracelets. When we got home got the dinner on the table and left the kids with my husband to meet my two mommy (Turkish) friends for dinner.

Here is the day look (quite casual since I had to leave at 7:30 AM)...

Grey Hoodie - Forever 21
Marilyn Tank - Forever 21
Jean mini skirt - Closet
Black leggings - H&M
Necklace - Betsey Johnson


  1. What a great idea with the scarf & pearls! Love it.
    Hope you don't get any little ones waking up during the night tonight. My two slept through last night and hopefully do it again tonight!


  2. Love your casual look! It's SO fun!

  3. You pull off the white pants so well- CHIC!



  4. I love the pearls with the scarf...you always manage to mix scarves and jewelry so perfectly!

  5. How did you find time to shoot the morning outfit!


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